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Okay reblogging this again because this scene literally changed my life

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Even though I’ve never called it perfect
When I die, I want to know it all was worth it
I want to know that I tried my best with embracing every moment I was blessed with
Every life, every death, every time that I wept
Every moment, every person, every line that I said
Every night, every day, every time every place
Every kiss, every wish, every side of the maze
Every cut, every bruise, every love that I’d lose
Every time that I broke and the times that I grew
Every drop of rain that these clouds would spew
To help form the man that I amounted to
And I’m thankful, that I am who I am
And I’ve been where I’ve been and I came out grateful
When it’s finally time to make an exit
Just know, that I don’t regret a single second
- Cody “Sadistik” Foster
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1. The first thing I do when approaching a new piece is to douse myself in gasoline. The fumes give me a certain high that causes my vision to blur and the poison/danger-factor forces me to act quickly. Then, I clutch a pencil in my fist, snap my neck backward like in an early Sam…

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What is the goal of the life? It’s to create yourself a soul. For me movies are an art more than an industry….and it is the search of the human soul. As painting, as literature, as poetry. Movies are THAT for me….
- Alejandro Jodorowsky / Jodorowsky’s Dune

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Burning papers into ashes.
What a season, how they fly high from the ground up
there is yet another fountain flowing over
as the night falls, keep dreaming away

if you hold on to that past. Don’t you lock yourself inside.
Nothing has been done before. It’s the most virgin dress you could possibly wear. Mess it up, Time is up

Hold your memory for a moment with a blind hand.
Write some stories for tomorrow.
From the bottle of amnesia
Find instructions to salvation, to oblivion supreme

Don’t be tempted to look back - It has all happened before

Someday miraculous spread will forgive every cowardly thing that you’ve done….That I’ve done….Dust it off.

-The Do

Brilliantly used in the film I Origins…has been stuck in my head ever since I saw the movie…love the lyrics

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#cheers from Edgar <3….#doublebock

#cheers from Edgar <3….#doublebock

"Hey girl!!"&#8230;.Dudes the only one i know diggin this heat #spotshot #chameleonlove #teamflapneck

"Hey girl!!"….Dudes the only one i know diggin this heat #spotshot #chameleonlove #teamflapneck

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RIP to the legendary HR Giger&#8230;.an  undeniable inspiration to many a generation of artists &amp; filmmakers &lt;3 #Aliens #Scifi #Biomech

RIP to the legendary HR Giger….an undeniable inspiration to many a generation of artists & filmmakers <3 #Aliens #Scifi #Biomech